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About Us

Are you looking for a New York style bakery where fresh bagels and a variety of tasty bagel flavors are rolled out on a daily basis? If yes, then Lox of Bagels is the right place to be. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years serving South Bay in Torrance, California. We treasure our name and we have a friendly environment where you can enjoy your bagel baked with smoked Nova Salmon. We’re simply the best bakery you can deal with in South Bay.
All our NY bagels are made from the scratch and freshly baked for your soul’s merriment. Lox of Bagels is known for putting a sweet nature-befitting taste on bagels as they’re made from only non-bleach flour, water, malt, sugar, and salts. We do not use eggs, oil, dairy additives, dough conditioners or preservatives. Hence, we can be trusted for delivering the best of lox sandwiches in South Bay as we do our possible best to give you the finest bagel we can.
At Lox of Bagels, we understand that having a great bagel isn’t feasible without quality ingredients and that’s why we give cognizance to our entire fresh baking process and place a premium value on the quality of our bagels. We have a state-of-the-art facility and we pay detailed attention right from the cutter running stage down to the oven dispatch for sales. The happiness of our esteemed clients has made our business very proud, and it motivates us up to keep up with what we do by providing them with exquisite breakfast bagel sandwiches.

Our Goal

To provide you with quality mouth-watering bagels that are suitable for your healthy nourishment.
Our Vision
Our passion to fix your sweet tooth and cater to your wellbeing inspires us to create an unforgettable experience with our tasty bagels and we intend to make a plausible landmark with that.

Why Us?

~ Our bagels are everything as we make use of only high-grade ingredients and our finished products are assured to give you a great delight with every consumed bite.
~ Our skilled bakers ensure that our bagels are always wholesome as we’re all about giving you a rewarding experience.
~ Asides our promise of a super service, we also appreciate our customers’ feedback.
At Lox of Bagels, a single bite is guaranteed to make you come back for more.

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